The Feels – We Have Them. You Probably Do, Too!

Have you felt the giddy elation of beating your personal best race time? The gut-wrenching disappointment of injuring yourself before a big event?
Have you struggled to pin down exactly when it was during your workout that you went from stressed or anxious or angry to content or calm or happy?
Have you wondered how to fit in all the training that you want to do into your life’s schedule?
Have you simultaneously thanked your legs for all they can do, while guiltily wondering if they couldn’t just look a bit more “conventional”?

We have.
This is a blog about fitness and health (physical and mental), and the thoughts and feelings we have while we pursue these things. We hope you enjoy, and perhaps find something to relate to!

Why “Sweaty and Hungry”?

Well, it seemed to fit, as we’re both usually in one or both of those states of being!

Who, Exactly, Are We?

Megan is sweaty and hungry in Toronto. Megan’s favourite ways to move include distance running, cycling, swimming, yoga, hiking, and dancing. She also has a background in underwater hockey, ultimate frisbee, and professional wrestling. When she’s not sweaty, Megan can be found working at a national music funding organization, spending time with friends and her partner Tim, reading, watching tv, and of course, eating all the food.

Stephanie is sweaty and hungry in Waterloo and Toronto. Stephanie, like Megan, is hooked on distance running and has dabbled in triathlon. She also adores her Sunday night soccer team (Team Nice Friends!) and has been known to do silly things like run half marathons in the morning and make it out to games in the afternoon.

Together we have trained for marathons and triathlons, cheered each other on, and cheered each other up.

Sweaty, hungry buds

Megan (left) and Steph (right) before a race


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