100 Branches – Run #13 Recap

October 2, 2016 – Peak long run! Tim drove me out west to cut my commute time in half. Thanks, Tim!

I experienced all of the weather on this run. During the first bit, I was surprisingly sweaty given that it wasn’t that hot or sunny. About 15km in or so, it started to pour. I am pretty impressed with how well I took it. I wasn’t cranky – I just went with it. I figure that there’s no guarantee that STWM will be a beautiful day, so I should know what it’s like to run in heavy rain. (Also, a few years ago Steph and I did a triathlon where we got utterly soaked on the bike portion, so it wasn’t an entirely new experience.) The thing is, you get to a point where you can’t get any wetter, so you just carry on. I was wringing rainwater out of my shirt and little pony tail, making squishy noises with every step. Eventually it stopped raining, but I certainly didn’t dry out. On the bus ride home, I wore my goosebumps with pride.

Now it’s time to taper, i.e. cut back on mileage and let my body recover a bit before putting it through a marathon! I have just enough running left to cover the last 17 branches. I’m determined to visit all 100!

Rexdale, opened 1959.

Northern Elms, established 1991, opened in current location in 2005.

Weston, another Carnegie library, and maybe my favourite branch to date! I loved the stained glass windows and all of the greenery.



Richview, opened 1966.

Elmbrook Park, opened 1988.

Eatonville, opened 1964.


Oh so rainy!


High Park, a Carnegie library opened in 1916.

Library Run #13

Distance: 32 km
Branches visited: 7
Total branches visited: 83/100

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