100 Branches – Run #9 Recap

September 18, 2016 – Finally, a long run that felt mostly manageable. The first 20km were pretty good, but the end got tough. I tripped and fell, luckily only scraping up my knee, but still, it’s a bit jarring. I did have a light at the end of the tunnel though – Tim and a friend met me at Rooster Coffee at the end. She brought a delicious homemade plum cake- mmm!


Locke, opened 1949 in honour of George H. Locke, the TPL’s chief librarian from 1908-1937.


Armour Heights, opened 1982.
Barbara Frum, which was originally called Bathurst Heights, opened in 1962. It is named in honour of Barbara Frum, a broadcaster and journalist.
Forest Hill, opened 1955.

Northern District, opened 1975. Fun fact: Northern District was the first library in Metropolitan Toronto to have an automated circulation system.
Mount Pleasant, opened 1992.

Leaside, opened 1950.
Leaside has a cool rock!
And a pretty garden in the back.

Then I went to Flemingdon Park (again!) That was poor route planning on my part. Ah well! To make matters worse, I then missed my turn off to go to Thorncliffe. No swapsies… I’ll go back and visit it.
I think I was too busy enjoying being back on my familiar stretch of the Lower Don Recreation Trail. Gotta love Elevated Wetlands!

Todmorden Room, opened 1961.

Library Run #9

Distance: 25 km
Branches visited: 8
Total branches visited: 57/100

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