100 Branches – Run #7 Recap

August 27, 2016 – This long run took me from York down to the Junction and Bloor West Village.

Black Creek, which opened in current location in the North Sheridan Mall in 2002.

Downsview, established 1961, with an official opening in 1963.
This branch hosts a location of the Toronto Tool Library, which loans specialized tools to community members at really affordable prices. I love this partnership!

Amesbury Park, opened 1967.

Mount Dennis, opened in current location in 1951, with major work done in the 80s and 2011-2013. In 2015, it won an Ontario Library Association Building Award.

Evelyn Gregory, opened 1968.

St. Clair/Silverthorn, opened 1981.
I loved their cozy Children’s section.
Next I made a stop at Hale Coffee Company to pick up some Station Cold Brew for Mandy’s birthday. It’s a really lovely coffee shop, and it was extremely hard to not stop and just drink coffee for the rest of the afternoon.

Perth/Dupont, established in present site in 1983. This is my friend Jeff’s favourite branch in the TPL, which I totally get!

Annette Street, established in 1909 as a TPL Carnegie library. It was originally named Western, then changed to Annette in 1962.

I dropped off the cold brew at Mandy’s place and got some hugs and kisses from Mandy, her baby Knox, and her dog Sam, then headed north to the Jane/Dundas branch.

Jane/Dundas, opened in present location in 1975.

Swansea Memorial has a great history. It was formed in 1919, thanks to the Women’s Patriotic League of Swansea. They wanted to create a community centre in honour of Swansea men who served in World War I. The Swansea Memorial Public Library opened at Swansea Public School at the end of that year, then moved to its current building in 1959.

Runnymede, opened in 1930. In 1989, it appeared on a postage stamp!

I finished the run with a quick jaunt into High Park to meet my mileage for the run, which is novel for me since I live on the east side of town.

 Library Run #7

Distance: 25 km
Branches visited: 11
Total branches visited: 46/100

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