100 Branches – Run #3 Recap

I’ve gotten way behind on blogging, but the library runs have continued! I’m going to play catch up over the next few posts.

I did a short pre-work run on July 19 through Riverdale and GreekTown. My first stop was the Riverdale branch, which is one of the oldest TPL branches, and one of the Carnegie libraries.

In 1903, American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie granted $350,000 to the TPL for a new central library and three branch buildings. The TPL website describes the grant qualifications:


The conditions for receiving a Carnegie library grant were straightforward, and civic officials had to state their compliance in a formal letter.

First, the municipality would provide a suitable building site. Second, the municipal council would appropriate by taxation no less than 10 percent of the grant amount to annually support library operations. In addition, Carnegie grants were given only to public libraries that were open to citizens free of charge without membership fees. The standard award was calculated at approximately $2 per capita.


Here’s a photograph from 1910, the year the library opened:


And here it is in 2016!

Riverdale entrance

I often bike by this intersection, and I’ve always loved this branch. It sits so stately and proudly on the corner, which apparently is a pretty rare placement for library branches. Looks pretty nice in the morning light, eh?

I went south on Broadview, then east on Queen to the Queen/Saulter branch. The branch has only been located in the current site since 1980, but the building itself dates back to 1913. The lovely Neo-Classical-style building was originally a post office, but now it’s a community and cultural centre.

Queen/Saulter Plaque
Next, I headed east on Queen, then north up Jones to the Jones branch, which opened in 1962. This branch was built especially for children, and given the name of the branch and the fact that I often act like a child, I feel a special kinship with this branch.


The last library stop was Pape/Danforth, which opened in 1929. I’ve visited this branch before, and it’s just as gorgeous inside as it looks on the outside. It’s the kind of place you want to live in!

I made my way back to Broadview for my final stop: iced coffee and a scone at the Rooster Coffee House, then looking out onto the city over the Don Valley from Riverdale Park East. Fun fact*: this is the spot that inspired the title for Drake’s album Views.

This was a nice morning run with some great views throughout!

Library Run #3


Distance: 8.17  km
Branches visited: 4
Total branches visited: 16/100


*Speculated by me, but unsubstantiated.

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