100 Branches Challenge


A lot of people have been asking me what’s next in my running schedule. On October 16, I will be running my second full marathon – the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

This year I’m staying motivating by taking the Charity Challenge and raising funds for the Toronto Public Library Foundation. As part of my training, I’m adding an extra challenge.

My goal:
Visit all 100 branches of the Toronto Public Library before the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

To explore this great library system, to get out of my routine and see more of Toronto, and to challenge myself!

How will it work?
I will take a photo to check in. I usually do long runs on Sundays, so I won’t be able to go inside every library I visit. You can follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #100TPLbranches. I’ll also share more reflections about the runs here on the blog.

The 100 branches cover a lot of ground, so I’ll need more help than my two feet. If I bike to a branch, the run will include at least one other branch. If I take public transit to a branch, the run will include at least two other branches.

How can you support?

  • Learn more about the Toronto Public Library Foundation. See what they’re doing and how libraries enrich and sustain our community.
  • If you believe in my run and think this training challenge is cool or value the work of the TPL Foundation (or libraries in general!), donate to my fundraising efforts. I would be grateful for an upfront donation, or we can make it interesting – pledge a certain amount for every branch I visit. 🙂  Need some more reasons to give? There’s at least 100.
  • Share this challenge with your loved ones and your library-loving enemies.
  • Recommend a great book to read in the comments!


Wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “100 Branches Challenge

  1. You’re our hero Megan! Thanks so much for running for TPL and supporting it in such a meaningful way. Visiting all 100 branches is quite a goal. All of us at the Toronto Public Library Foundation are cheering you on!


  2. Thank you Megan for using your passion for running to help the Toronto Public Library thrive! On behalf of the Foundation, thank you for supporting the Library. Your goal of visiting all 100 branches is awesome and inspiring – we hope you have fun while doing it. Can’t wait to see photos of your visits to each branch!


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