Long pace test run

Sunday was my last big effort before my race in 2 weeks. I wanted to hit 20km and get a sense of where I was at in terms of pacing and time. I’m so pleased with how it went!

I didn’t know what to expect because I had been in a funk since Friday night. It was like a cartoon, where I had a personal dark gray rain cloud directly over my head. (Depression sucks.) Jump forward to Sunday morning, after tossing and turning from 3:00am – 6:00am thanks to screaming neighbours. The weather was a bit crappy (not unlike my personal raincloud from the days before) and I had convinced myself to run without music, since headphones aren’t allowed at the race. I left the house feeling pretty good, and somehow just managed to laugh as hail came down from the sky.


Views from the Leslie St. Spit. I had this lyric from “Ms. Jackson” stuck in my head: You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather.

Everything clicked into place in a natural way. My body felt good, my thoughts were innocuous, and the heavens didn’t open up above me. I stuck to a run 20/walk 1 schedule and managed to keep a pace around 6:15 for the first 16km. I was convinced that when I slowed down I was going to bonk, but I only went to 6:30/km. When things were getting tough, I spoke to myself out loud. These legs have done this before. These legs have run a marathon!

I’m happy now that I have a race plan for the 29th. From the start, a specific time or PR has never been the goal. I want to have fun, show myself that I can still do this, and not feel physically or mentally destroyed at the finish line. I’ve run this race once and spectated once, and it has such a positive vibe. The course is primarily in my backyard on trails I now know well. I think it’s a great choice for my first race in a year and a half.

But if I’m going to have a time goal? I think I’d be pretty pleased if I finished in under 2:15. I didn’t put in the training that I was hoping for – a good week would be 2 shorter runs, a spin class, and a long run. A few weeks just had the longer run. Since March, I also started a new job and a new volunteer position, which were pretty huge for me. I’m actually at peace with where I’m at in terms of training!

And check out this post-run selfie! There’s someone who feels good. There’s someone who can do this.


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